STREAM Education

STREAM Education


The STREAM programme of the school is divided into two categories:

 1. Incorporated into curriculum

1.1.1 Home Economics - Investigated of soyabean and its by-product (Form 1)

1.1.2 Integrated Science - Plant and study of genetically modified soyabean (Form 2)

1.1.3 Biology - Preparation and Analysis of DNA with Bioinformatics (Form 5)

1.1.4 Computer Literacy - CUHK Jockey Club AI for the future

1.1.5 Chinese - VR support in Chinese learning support by the Jockey Club

1.1.6 Reading lessons - latest STREAM articles and news digest

2. Extended to after school activities:

2.1.1 Robotics workshops and external competitions

2.1.2 3-D printing and laser cutting production

2.1.3 Videography team to produce live and edited videos

2.1.4 Drone Programming and Multimedia Production

2.1.5 Digital Drawing with IPad Procreate Application