School Mission

School Mission

CCC Ming Kei College is a Christian grammar school founded by the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC) in 1967 in the hope that both its teachers and students shall constantly bear in mind Jesus Christ's grace and teachings, and follow in His footsteps in loving service to mankind.

Embracing the HKCCCC's philosophy of 'holistic education' in proclamation and service, we are committed to the provision of a comprehensive range of quality education services. We pledge to create a pleasant and harmonious learning environment, and, by working in partnership with parents, the church, community and related organizations, to provide a curriculum and a system of extra-curricular activities which address the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual needs of young people.

We strive to nurture our students by developing their potential in self-discipline, autonomy, self-enhancement, independent thinking as well as their creativity and leadership. We also strive to help our students develop their physical fitness, inculcate in them the spirit of teamwork as well as serving others. We are committed to providing them with training, which leads to the appreciation of art and aesthetics. We are also devoted to teaching our students to learn the words and acts of Jesus so as to help them develop a positive attitude towards learning and active participation, and grow into healthy and civic-minded youngsters with a wholesome character, a positive outlook in life and a correct sense of value.

It is our aspiration that our students will grow into individuals who extend their love from self to neighbour and to God, individuals who are honest, courteous, law-abiding, respectful to teachers, filial to parents, ready to care and share, and willing to serve others. They should be prepared to assume responsibility, dare face challenges and able to respond to the needs of our society. Thus they will become good citizens who are involved in improving society, contributing to nation and serving the world. Through practice, their lives will give expression to what Jesus once taught us, 'it is more blessed to give than to receive.'

  • Our mission statement is as follows:
    "We strive to provide our students with person-centred education with love and care so that they can maximize their potential to lead an abundant life, to serve the community and to glorify the Lord."

    We strive to develop the following qualities in the growth journey at Ming Kei:

    C Christian Faith

    C Courage

    C Creativity

    M Modesty

    K Knowledge

    C Commitment